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To Kill a King: The Plot vs Passover Prep

Posted on 06 Sep 2020, Pastor: Tom Thomazin

Luke 22:1-13  Pastor Tom begins a new mini series out of the gospel of Luke as we dive into Luke chapter 22, called “To Kill a King: A Contrast & Comparison”.

We will see a cosmic chess match in which Satan will put Jesus in check, but Jesus will make the final move that ultimately means checkmate. “As I have studied the Word of God for many years now it never ceases to amaze me the beautiful simplicity while at the same time the complex depth of insight that I continue to find within the pages of Scripture. What an incredible God we serve!” – Pastor Tom Thomazin. This is the first sermon in this mini series and it is called “To Kill A King: The Plot vs Passover Prep”, taken out of Luke 22:1-13. Once again, irony abounds as we see, in the middle of the Jewish celebration of national salvation, the Passover, now becoming the occasion for a plot to arrest an innocent man, being wrongly accused, tried and convicted, and sentenced to die for just being who He was. This is and was the God-Man, the King of Kings, Jesus our Passover Lamb. Come and worship the only wise King, who would rather die than live without us. Who before the foundations of the world, even though knowing everything about us, yet He still chose to love us, laying down His life for us, that we might have life in His name: the one and only name, Jesus Christ! Truly there is no one like You God!